Motorway Driving Lessons

Can Learner driver can go on the Motorway? Yes you can go on the motorway under the supervision of the fully approved driving instructors.

Why are Motorway Driving Lessons Important?

Since the allowance of Motorway Driving Lessons in June 2018 by the DVSA, learner drivers have been permitted to drive on motorways as part of driving lessons. To be permitted to drive on a motorway the driver must be accompanied by a qualified Driving Instructor. Since the decision to allow Motorway Driving Lessons, Hands On Wheel Driving Instructors have noticed a considerable gain in the confidence levels and abilities of their pupils. This gain is not only noticed in their ability to confidently drive on British motorways, but also aids in the development of driving on normal roads and test routes.

Our motorway courses are similar to our very popular nationwide advanced driving courses. The first thing we do on all our motorway courses, is to listen to you, discuss your anxieties, talk about things you’re ok with, and also things, which really concern you about motorway driving. Listening means we can much better bespoke the training to your own specific needs. During a course this is what we typically cover, although it does often vary from driver to driver:

1. How to safely enter and exit a motorway
2. Keeping a safe distance from other motorway users
3. Dealing with adverse weather (rain and wind mainly) on a motorway
4. How to cope with and defuse road rage on motorways
5. Learning to safely manage speed on motorways
6. How to remain alert on a long journey
7. How to recognise driver fatigue
8. Anticipate the actions and intensions of other motorway users
9. Rules and motorway signals
10. What to do in the even of a breakdown on a motorway
11. Observation and advanced planning




2 Hours 30 mins