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New Version of Safe Driving for Life Wbsite Goes Live Today.

New version of Safe Driving for Life website goes live today

The brand-new Safe Driving for Life website goes live today (Wednesday 28 April). The new site includes exciting features to help your pupils pass their theory test first time. It also provides valuable information for road users throughout their driving lifetime.

We will share our plans to officially launch the website to learner drivers and their family and friends later this Spring.

How the site works

The site has replaced the existing Safe Driving for Life site. We’ve kept popular content such as the free practice theory tests, the shop and blogs. And we’ve added new content and features to the site.

The site will also replace the DVSA Learning Zone which will be merged into the Safe Driving for Life website.

If any of your pupils have an existing Learning Zone subscription with 3-months or less to go, they will continue their theory test revision on the current DVSA Learning Zone. This will ensure they do not lose their progress. We’re unable to transfer their progress across to the new site.

Anyone with a 12-month subscription will be emailed clear instructions on how to move to the new site so they can start using the new features.

We’ll directly contact everyone with an existing Learning Zone subscription to explain what this means to them.

Exciting new features

Your pupils will now be able to share their theory test revision progress with you through the website. This feature is available to you for free if your pupil has purchased a DVSA learning subscription.

We’ve developed a new test readiness tool that shows you and your pupil when they’re ready to take their theory test.

These features were developed using learning science and feedback from ADIs, who said it would help them to plan their lessons.

The learning experience simulates the real test environment so your pupils will become familiar with, and prepared for, the actual event.

The site will use time and repetition to check your pupils’ knowledge and understanding. It will also ask your pupil questions about their worst performing areas.

We’ve grouped topics together and split each topic into a study section and practice section. That way, you and your pupil can monitor progress and you’ll know when they’re ready for their test using the ‘test readiness’ tool.

Benefits to you and your pupils

The website is free for you to sign up to, and you can invite your pupils to buy a learning subscription.

You’ll only be able to use the feature if your pupil buys a subscription and chooses to link to you via the website, and share their progress.

Your will get points based on the length and type of subscription your pupils buy.

You can redeem these points for Amazon Gift Cards. The more points you collect, the higher the value of the gift card.

  • £10.00 Amazon Gift Card = 100 points

  • £20.00 Amazon Gift Card = 180 points

  • £50.00 Amazon Gift Card = 400 points

Your pupils will also have the option to share their progress with a family member or a friend by linking them to the website. We hope this will be a helpful tool for you. It will demonstrate to your pupil and their family what knowledge and skills your pupil needs to work on to prepare them for their test.

Your pupils’ friends and family will also now be able to sign them up for a learning subscription as a gift.

Testing the new features

We want to make sure the new features work for you and your pupils. So we are working with NASP and a small group of ADI volunteers and their pupils to test the new functionality in a live training environment.

We’ll share this feedback with you as soon as we can.

In the meantime, the new features are now live, so please check them out and feel free to test them with your own pupils.

You can advertise on the new site

If you’re interested in advertising on the site you can contact for more information or to request a media pack.

What’s next

We’ll be contacting everyone with a theory test booking to let them know about the new site and explain how they can use the learning modules to track their progress and know when they are ready to take their theory test.

We’re really excited about our new site and the newly added features. We’re planning to officially launch it to all learner drivers and their family and friends soon.

We will be continually developing the new site by adding new content, learning modules and functionality so your feedback is vital. You can give your feedback via the site or email it to

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