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Pedestrian Crossing

This topic will explain the main rules and considerations for dealing with pedestrian crossings. The main focus is on two types of crossings - Zebra Crossings and Pelican Crossings (the main signal controlled crossing).

Pedestrian Crossings

All crossings - look out for any warning signs for crossings ahead. Anticipate pedestrian crossings being present near shops and schools and in built up areas.

Zebra Crossing

You can identify a Zebra Crossing by the flashing yellow beacons and the black and white markings. You must stop for any pedestrians who step out to cross, therefore you should approach slowly enough to stop smoothly where pedestrians are waiting at the crossing or are so close that they could reach the crossing before you. Pedestrians on the crossing have priority.


Check mirrors on approach and as you draw nearCheck to the sides for pedestrians at the crossings or approachingKeep speed down until you see both sides are clearIn poor weather conditions, allow more time to stopAt night be extra careful as pedestrians are hard to spot even when they are on the crossing


Do not invite pedestrians to cross as other traffic may not stop for themDo not harass pedestrians by revving your engine or edging forwardDo not overtake in the areas marked with zig zag linesDo not park on zig zag linesDo not block crossings in a traffic queue

Signal Controlled Crossing - Pelican Crossing

The main type of signal controlled crossing is the Pelican Crossing. When pedestrians press the button the lights will change in a set cycle.

Puffin Crossings have electronic devices which automatically detect pedestrians who are on the crossing - these reduce delays in traffic flow.

Toucan Crossings are shared by pedestrians and cyclists. There is often an advanced stop line to allow cyclists to position ahead of traffic.

Equestrian Crossings are for horse riders to cross. Signal controlled crossings which have no flashing amber phase will have the same cycle and rules that apply at traffic lights.

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